To sail in comfort

between Swansea and Cork

on MV Julia the
Peoples’ Ferry

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We haven’t had any comments on this page for quite a while now - so for a much more up-to-date review of customers’ experiences on ‘da Julia’ please see Fastnet Line’s own website...

Fastnet Line have their own regularly-updated ‘feedback’ pages  - they say

    "We want to know what you think because nobody knows us better. That’s why every week we email more than 1,000 of you who have travelled with us, to ask how we did. We publish them all, the good and the bad and we use your views to improve what we do. Thank you for your support and for your desire to make us better. We share that desire."

Feedback looks encouraging - with an average rating of better than 4/5 - not bad for a fledgling company.
Well done lads (and lasses) - keep it up!

Adrian - Campaign Co-organiser